Dr. Medwed inside Hillsboro Dental Clinic

Dental Phobia? No problem!

Our team understands that a dental office can be a stressful place, which is why we take steps to make your experience as comfortable as possible. First off, we let you take more control of the situation–we frequently ask your permission to continue, and stop anytime you need a break.

How we help you overcome dental phobia


We describe each procedure to you to prepare you for any discomfort


We have numbing agents available depending on the procedure


We take a highly sensitive approach to your teeth, making your experience a delight.

Do not let your teeth go un-treated!

We understand that many folks have had a bad experience with a previous dentist. But your health is too important. We like to remember:

It is very important to take care of your teeth, as oral health is strongly linked to cardiorespiratory system and longevity. Additionally, it is much less expensive to preserve and protect your teeth than it is to replace them.

Modern technology has allowed for very comfortable and low pain or no pain treatment availability. Our dental clinic provides a high level of care so that each patient visit will leave you smiling.

Dr. Medwed and our staff will take you through each step of each procedure we conduct, from teeth cleaning to more invasive procedures.